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Shoe Sole Special Effect Flame Spark

Shoe Sole Special Effect Flame Spark

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Cycling Foot Brake Spark Device

Product Name: Cycling Foot Spark Device

Material: Colored steel plated metal

This product is made of coated steel metal. During the cycling process, the steel metal on the sole of the shoe contacts the ground to form friction force, producing a flame effect (the raw material is metal products)

Product Description:

1PC set: one coated steel metal, two tie straps, and three fire resistant straps

2PCS set: two colored steel plated metal, four straps, and six fire-resistant tape

3PCS set: three colored steel plated metal, six straps, twelve fire-resistant tape

4PCS set: four color steel plated metal, eight tie straps, and twelve fireproof tape

5PCS set: five color steel plated metal, ten tie straps, fifteen fire resistant tape

10PCS set: ten color steel plated metal, twenty tie straps, thirty fireproof tape

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