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Trendz 80CC Motorised Kit ( Upgraded Version )

Trendz 80CC Motorised Kit ( Upgraded Version )

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Upgraded 80cc 2 Stroke Motorised Engine Kit for Push Bike Bicycle
This kit will allow you to turn your bicycle into a gasoline powered motorbike
1 Gallon of fuel runs 150 miles
The engine is designed to be pedal/chain started so you can start or stop the engine while riding
Speed up to 40mph ( 64kph )

Product Specification
Engine Type: 2 stroke Single Cylinder Air-Cooled
Rated Power Rotary Speed: 2.5Kw/5000Rpm
Max Power: 3.5Kw/6000Rpm (5-6 Horsepower)
Fuel Ratio: 15:1 for the first 3 tanks ,25:1 after that
Ignition: CDI
Start: Pedal Start
Tank Size: 2 Litres
Fuel Consumption: 2.5L/100Km
Top Speed : 55Km/Hr. Depends on rider's weight and road condition.
Type Of Clutch: Dry Friction Pate
Fuel : Unleaded PETROL Mixed with high grade 2 stroke motorcycle oil
Start : Pedal

Package included:
1 × Spark Plu
1 × Chain Guard
1 × Chrome Muffler
1 × Drive Chain Idler
1 × Push Clutch Lever
1 × Standard Bike Chain
1 × 80CC 2-Stroke Engine (Silver)
1 × CD Ignition Assembly
1 × High Quality Main Bearings
1 × Black Teardrop Gas Tank (2L)
1 × Low Profile Carburetor Assembly
1 × Magneto With Kill Switch (on throttle)
1 × 44 Tooth Chrome Sprocket With 9 Holes
1 × Twist Throttle And Cable With Matching Grip
1 x U Shape Mounting Bracket

Important :
Bicycle installed with 80cc engine kit is not legal to be used on road /bicycle path in Victoria - please check with local authority for other states. It is recommended for off-road or private property use only.
Not suitable for bikes with front frame wider than 50mm
Always wear a suitable helmet when riding. Not suggested for night use. If unavoidable, please make sure adequate lighting system is operating at night
Professional installation suggested , to install this kit you will need certain skills and tools. Please check the frame guide before purchase
Please note that this engine is the new generation, there are a small screw in the package which can be screwed straight on the arm of lock, no longer brass bit needed

Use only high -grade 2 stoke motorcycle oil to ensure proper engine lubrication

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